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Crowd Control Barriers

Crowd Barriers WA has a couple of solutions for large events, concerts, road closures and crowd traffic flow. The crowd control barrier is perfect for creating containment or designating public restriction areas, temporary fencing is available for demarcation and securing areas, while the Tensa barrier is a lightweight option to delineate attendee traffic options.

Crowd Control Barrier

Crowd Control Barriers

Tough, safe and stable the Crowd Control Barrier performs a vital function in containing patrons within or to designated areas. This is the standard barricade system for directing and keeping crowd numbers within permitted zones or avenues.

The interlocking system allows for any length or configuration requirement.

Tensa Barrier from Crowd Barriers WA

Tensa Barrier

For a lighter touch to crowd control we have the Tensa barrier which uses an extendable fabric strap from post to post to create a visual delineation.

Temporary Fence panel

Temporary Fencing

A lightweight modular system of hi-tensile aluminium crowd control barrier that is perfect for large events or where expected crowd numbers to be concentrated towards one area – a stage for instance.

Combine the barrier fence units with corner sections and service gates to erect a cost-effective, free standing integrated crowd control solution.

Crowd Control Barriers 28/07/2015